Final Exam


Briefly Plan Community Service Event

05/26/2014 - 05/27/2014

Plan a community service event. Create a list of tasks, find volunteers, come up with a plan to raise money, and begin looking into vendors and products.

Speak with Cities to get Permits


Speak with Cary, Morrisville and Apex about getting permits to host this event and block off any necessary roads.

Create a Waste Management Plan


Come up with a list of items that need to be purchased for the event. Try to purchase items that can be reused or recycled. Create a waste management plan.

Purchase Tents & Tables


Purchase 3 tents & 9 foldable tables.

Purchase Plates, Utensils, Cups


Purchase plates, utensils & cups.

Purchase a Cooler


Purchase 3 (10-gallon) Gatorade coolers to place at each station/location.

Speak with Waste & Recycling Programs


Speak with each city's waste and recycling programs to rent garbage and recycling containers, as well as organize a time the day of the event for them to be picked up.

Purchase balloons


Purchase customized balloons to welcome & direct participants.

Purchase Yard Signs & Banners


Order customized yard signs & banners that can be placed throughout the route to welcome & guide participants.

Create a Risk Management Plan

06/10/2014 - 06/13/2014

Make a list of all possible risks that may occur throughout the project & event. Then, make a list of ways to greater prevent/solutions of each & every possible risk.

Purchase food

07/24/2014 - 07/25/2014

Purchase fresh fruit & chips.

Day of Event