Alternate Human Timeline


7 years war

1756 - 1763

American Revolution

1775 - 1783

AUA (Advanced United Association) is established

1805 - 1819

ZEON revolutionary war

1812 - 1814

ZEON will be granted it's independence from the AUSM if it is able to fend off and defeat the British army.

war of 1812

1812 - 1815

Republic of ZEON

1814 - 1840

ZEON becomes independant


Earth Confederation becomes independant


Genetically grown Human begins


Genetically grown humans are being mass produced.

AUA reform to AUSM (Advanced United States Military)


AUA re-organized to AUSM

AUSM independance


AUSM becomes an independent country

Imperial ZEON

1840 - 1927

ZEON's government is formed into a Imperial government.

AUSM space program begins


AUSM begins construction of the first space shuttles

American civil war

1861 - 1865

Re-education program

1865 - 1899

AUSM set up labour camps for the former confederate generals, politicians and soldiers and supporters. They were forced to work to death as punishment for supporting slavery and intolerance.

AUSM migration


AUSM migrates to one of the planets in earth's orbit.


1914 - 1918

Prncipality of ZEON

1927 - 1975

ZEON's government is re-formed into a principality


1939 - 1945

Cold war

1945 - 1991

Arms, Space, and Nuclear race between earth's 2 super powers USA and USSR. AUSM begins's it's massive military advancement. ZEON and Earth Confederation also build up their armies.

Korean war

1950 - 1953

Vietnam war

1955 - 1975

civil rights genocide

1963 - 1975

AUSM government passes laws restricting and depriving racist Americans of their rights and freedoms. AUSM quickly de-humanizes them and begins operation clean field. And operation to rid the world of racism.

Ban on Christianity

1968 - 1977

AUSM bans Christianity calling it a hateful religion

Earth Confederation Civil war

1971 - 1972



New ZEON government combining Imperial, Principality, and Republic together

Human/Extraterrestrial war

1978 - 2000

First contact with an alien species turns hostile. The AUSM activates article 7 of the galactic defence of humans. Humanity starts to fight back

N-Gen bomb


Bomb/ missile designed to destroy planets is used for the first time

First use of the Grimm bomb


Bomb/ missile designed to destroy entire solar systems is used

10 Year war begins

1983 - 1993

Beginning of the 10 long years of struggle between the two mega powers and earth

Reaper bomb


bomb/ missile designed to destroy entire galaxies is used for the first time

First Bloody valentine war

2001 - 2002

ZAFT and Earth Alliance after the Junius 7 incident goes to war



Al Quaeda supplied by Calico industries launches an attack on the twin towers.

AUSM/Calico war

2001 - 2010

After the betrayal of the largest military corporation, the AUSM launches an offensive to deteriorate Calico industries and eliminate the corporation from existence.

Second Bloody Valentine war

2004 - 2005

After the drop on Junius seven, ZAFT and Earth Alliance fights a full scale war once more

Eruzian uprising

2005 - 2006

ruzians, a civilization conquered by the AUSM tries to rebel but is quickly surpressed by AUSM forces.

Black Genesis


Weapon that is able to destroy anything within a 100 trillion light year range begins mass prodection.

One year war

2009 - 2010

After a rebel fanatic group from the Flags Union terrorizes a city in the AEU, both countries enter war, eventually the Human reform league intervenes.

First AI politician


Earth Confederate/Earth Alliance war

2012 - 2013

Dispute between the Atlantic federation and the Earth Confederation turns into a full blown war.

Project X


AUSM begins top secret military project which will allow the military to maneuver through different parallel universes.

Second Korean war

2031 - 2034

second korean war

Republic of Korea re-build project for the North.

2034 - 2059

North Korea is destroyed. A new re-unified Korea under the leadership of the South Korean Government has been established. ZEON, Earth Confederation and AUSM begin asisting Korea in rebuilding the North.

ZEON's Emperor Jonathan Reiuns passes away


One of ZEON's most beloved rulers has passed away

Second Human/ Exteraterrestrial war

2041 - 2060

Second Human/Extraterrestrial war

ZEON's Emperor Kaisar Igato passes away


the Second Emperor Igato passes away