High School Highlights


Freshmen orientation of lynbrook High school

August 15 2010 - August 16 2010

At first I was scared because the school was so big, but I soon got use to it and enjoyed the experience

First football game

September 7 2010

Was An experience I will never forget

Homecoming day

october 9 2010

Was impressed of the skits our class did, because of how unorganized we looked

Ski trip to reno

December 23 2010 - December 29 2010

Learned How to snowboard

Last day of freshmen year

june 6 2011

made me feel good that school was over

Trip to indonesia

july 25 2011 - August 10 2011

Visiting my family was fun for the 4th time

Trip to mexico

december 16 2011

Went and visited chichen itza. I also went and swam in a cenote which is a natural water hole.

Last day of sophomore year

june 6 2012

Dad, Brother and I road trip

june 13 2012 - june 30 2012

I had a great time during this trip because we bonded as the men in the family. We went to yosemite, Death valley, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and Bryce canyon.

Junior prom

may 19 2013

was a good experience.

last day of junior year

june 6 2013

Made me happy to finish the year because I was going to indonesia over the summer.

Got my drivers licence

december 26 2013

Waited a long time, but well worth waiting