MTEE ERP System Timeline


Mapics/FIS 2000

Approx. 1997

Division: Air-Conditioner, Turbocharger, Engines

BPCS Implementation

June 1998 - September 1999

BPCS v6.10 Live Consolidation

September 1999 - 2004

Removal Air-Conditioner Division

Approx. 2001

Add MeeF Admin


BPCS Upgrade to v. 8.20

2004 - June 2019

Add MeA Admin


Add CM Division


Removal CM Division


BPCS Environment split for Turbo and Engine


BPCS Supplier (Infor) presentation for upgrading

January 2014

Final decision MTEE regarding to BPCS as ERP System

September 2014

To upgrade BPCS (from same supplier) or request for information from ither suppliers

New ERP System Approval from Top-Management

August 2015

Final Selection for MTEE ERP System

June 2016

New ERP System Implementation

January 2017

Live date for new ERP System at MTEE

June 2019