Product ready for manufacturing run


Product ready to be put through a manufacturing run done by Creative Manufacturing Equipment Ltd. The product has undergone tests that decide the quality of the product and smoothed out any issues around this. Meaning the product is now ready to be manufactured

Receipt of first order run and distribution to third party retailers


This is the test to see how the product goes especially to the retailers. All the manufacturing and transportation logistics come into place to support the order run.

1st Segment

Building prototype from first designs

05/25/2014 - 06/08/2014

2 weeks to allow for prototypes to be built and then tested to ensure the product is of high quality

Improvement of prototype

06/01/2014 - 06/15/2014

Take notes of any flaws/issues in the original prototype and fix them in order to come up with final prototype.

2nd Segment

Give product specification to supplier and manufacturer


The date above is a deadline which the team has to meet in order to have a product made in time to begin sales.

Trial manufacturing runs

06/16/2014 - 07/16/2014

Test the manufacturer with the final product design and make sure quality of each individual product is high. Quality Assurance will need to be tested by staff.

3rd Segment

First production order placed


Through Creative Manufacturing Equipment Ltd our first order will be placed.This order will be for 500 Courier Cubby's and will take an estimated month to process this order. Once this order is placed all areas will have to go full drive to promote the Courier Cubby's launch.

Testing of all logistical arrangements

08/17/2014 - 09/10/2014

This is testing of all methods of transportation into storage, to tertiary sectors e.g Nz Post and to warehouses. The testing must take place in order to make sure the business is efficient with timing and management. If transportation is slow and storage is limited then actions must be taken place in order to prevent these issues.