The Beatles


Paul McCarney meets John Lennon

July 6, 1957

Met for the first time when John performed on a makeshift stage with the Quarrymen (former name of the Beatles) at St Peter’s Church village fete in Woolton.

George Harrison is recruited

Approx. February, 1958

The Beatles play their first gig

August 17, 1960

Played at the Indra in Hamburg

Beatles make their first appearance at The Cavern

February 9, 1961

“The Cavern was dark, smelly, sweaty, but had the greatest atmosphere for music in Liverpool - every night was party night at the Cavern. Great fun and all the bands loved it.”

The Beatles would eventually play there 292 times.

The Beatles sign a five-year contract with Brian Epstein.

January 24, 1962

The Beatles release their first single

October 5, 1962

They release their first single, Love Me Do. It only reaches #17 in the charts but introduces The Beatles to a national audience.

The Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan Show

February 9, 1964

73 million Americans tune in to watch - a record at the time.

Brian Epstein dies

August 27, 1967

The Beatles perform together for the last time

January 30, 1969

The Beatles play on the rooftop of Apple Corp's headquarters in London. The performance is cut short by the police following complaints about the noise.

Abbey Road is released

September 22, 1969

This album contained some of the most acclaimedand beautiful songs by the Beatles.

Official break up of the Beatles

April 10, 1970