Untitled timeline


Boston Bruins Created

November 1 1924

Won 1st Stanley Cup

June 1929

Bruins win 2nd Stanley Cup

June 1939

Bruins win 3rd Stanley Cup

June 1941

Bruins sign Bobby Orr

October 1964

Bruins win 4th Stanley Cup

June 1970

Bruins win 5th Stanley Cup

June 1972

Bobby Orr's final season with Bruins

June 1976

Cam Neely Drafted by Bruins

June 13 1987

Bruins earn 1st President's Trophy

June 1990

Last season in Boston Garden

October 1994 - June 1995

Cam Neely president and VP of Bruins

June 2010

Bruins win 6th Stanley Cup

June 2011

Bruins earn 2nd President's Trophy

April 2014