Untitled timeline


Double Tenth Revolution

10/10/1911 - Approx. 1912

New army and peasants, rebelled against the Emperor with Sun Yat Sen as their leader. Yuan Shikai was brought out of retirement to act as prime minister and remove the rebels. He quickly defeated the rebels, but then made a deal with them, in return for their support he would help them achieve their aims.

Sun Yatsen steps down from President


GMD formed


formed by sun yatsen

Warlord Era

1916 - 1927

High taxes, enlisted peasants into their army and governed with great severity.

New Tide

Approx. 1916

Teachers and students, getting rid of old ideas and modernising ideas of freedom, equal rights, and scientific progress.

Yuan Shikai dies


May 4 1919 Movement

May 4 1919

This was a rebellion against the Paris Treaties' terms.

CCP Formed


First United Front


Made to fight warlordism and against Japan

Sun Yatsen Dies


1925 - The death of Sun Yat-sen brings Chiang Kai-shek to the fore. He breaks with the Communists and confirms the governing Kuomintang as a nationalist party.

Northern Expidition

1926 - 1927

GMD and CCP work together to get rid of warlordism in china

Japan invades China

1931 - 1945

1931-45 - Japan invades and gradually occupies more and more of China.

Long March

1934 - 1935

1934-35 - Mao Zedong emerges as Communist leader during the party's "Long March" to its new base in Shaanxi Province.

KMT-GMD Civil War

1946 - 1949

CCP win

China is established the People's Republic of China


1st 5 year plan

1953 - 1957

Mao focusses on the development of their economy and heavy industry, steel, coal, and heavy machinery. Living standards only slowly increased as most industry was focussed on consumer goods not living conditions.

doubled their coal output to 120 million tonnes
and 1.3 t of steel to 5.2
0.4 of oil to 1.4

100 Flowers Campaign

1956 - 1957

Mao wanted people to speak their minds, and talk about what they wanted from the CCP. In 1957 Mao crushed it because people were critisising him too much. People were arrested and sent to thought reform.

The Great Leap forward

1958 - 1961

failure, pig iron was weak and broke.
Falsified grain figures to please Mao.
Not enough field workers, meant shortages of food/famine.
9 million people died, and they could not trade their steel as it was pig iron.

Deng and Liu take power


they give more freedom to the nation allowing small profit for farmers, and allowing more capitalist ideas

Cultural Revolution

1966 - 1970

Mao returns to power, Red Guards have main power in provinces:
Remove the four olds; Ideals, Customs, Cultures, Habits

Hua Guofeng Head of State

1976 - 1978

Deng emerges into power again


Gang of four having been arrested for extreme views.

Mao Dies


Tianamen Square


Hu Guofeng dies, public want to be at funeral. leads to incident