Untitled timeline


Trans-Saharan Trade Routes

300 - 500

Early formation of trade routes across the Saharan, tied into the Mediterranean and the Silk Roads.

Fall of the Western Roman Empire


series of Germanic invasions, corrupt leaders, money issues, and border troubles. Leads to development of Feudalism in Western Europe.

Life of Muhammad

570 - 632

Founder of Islam which leads to creation of new Islamic states in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Spread of monotheism, Arabic language, and establishes new cultures.

Sui Dynasty

589 - 618

New Chinese dynasty, ends the mini-Warring States period that arose after the fall of the Han Dynasty. Builds the Grand Canal to further trade within China and to transport goods from the rural South to the political north.

Anasazi Culture

600 - 1150

Pueblo ancestors in Southwest North America

John Adams

1801 - 1805