American Involvement in the Vietnam War

In the United States

Kennedy Assassinated

November 22, 1963

President John F. Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

Kent State University

May 4, 1970

The National Guard shoots protesters at Kent State University in Ohio.

In Vietnam

Military Aid

Approx. July 1950

The United States gives 15 million dollars worth of military aid to France. This aid was meant to help the French fight in Vietnam.

More American Troops

Approx. December 1958

The amount of American troops in Vietnam reaches to be 540,000 troops.

Vietcong is Formed

December 20, 1960

In South Vietnam, the National Liberation Front for Vietnam, otherwise known as, Vietcong, is formed.

Vice President visits Saigon

Approx. 1961

The Vice President at the time, Lyndon Johnson, tours Saigon.

Operation Chopper


Operation Chopper is the United States' first attack against Vietcong.


Approx. April 1964 - Approx. June 1964

As a result of an attack in Laos led by the North Vietnamese, Americans reinforce their air power.

U.S Destroyer Maddox

July 30, 1964

The South Vietnamese attack two small northern islands. The American destroyer Maddox electronically stimulates a air attack from a distance of 123 miles to keep the Northerners away.

Gulf of Tonkin

August 2, 1964 - August 4, 1964

Two American destroyers are fired upon by the North Vietnamese in international waters.

Captain of the Maddox

August 4, 1964

The captain of the U.S Destroyer Maddox falsely reported an attack on his ship. Although he did admit he was wrong, President Lyndon Johnson ordered American jets to bomb two naval bases and a major oil facility to retaliate the North Vietnamese.

Bien Hoa Air Base

November 1, 1964

When Vietcong mortars reach Bien Hoa Air Base, four Americans die, and 76 are injured. Five B-57 bombers are destroyed and, in addition, 15 are damaged.

Operation Rolling Thunder

March 2, 1965

The United States starts to bomb North Vietnam by air.

First Troops in Vietnam

March 8, 1965

President Lyndon Johnson sends the first American troops into Vietnam. He sent over 200,000 troops.

Massacre of Mai Lai Village

March 16, 1968

American troops brutally murder about 200 to 500 unarmed civilians in the village of Mai Lai

First of Troops Return

Approx. July 1969

President Nixon orders the first of the U.S troops to go back to America.

Ho Chi Minh Dies

September 2, 1969

Ho Chi Minh dies at age 79 of a heart attack.


April 30, 1970

President Nixon announces that United States troops will attack enemy bases in Cambodia.

Easter Offensive

Approx. March 1972

The North Vietnamese crosses the DMZ (demilitarized zone) to attack South Vietnam.

Troops Finally Return

March 29, 1973

The last of the American troops leaves Vietnam.