Modern China


1st opium war

June 1839

The first Opium War forced China to open treaty ports.Also,Great Britian won and gained Hong Kong as a big trading port.

Sino-Japanese War(China/Japan)


Japan won against China.Japan gained Taiwan.

Boxer Rebelion


The Boxers wanted to get rid of all foreign influence.They believed that bullets could not hurt them when in fact they could.

Open door policy


Foreigners had equal opportunity to trade with China.Foreigners remained in control.

Communist Party organized(formed)


Mao ZeDong was the last leader of the Communist Party. The Communists and Nationalists Party put aside their differences to fight off Japan

The Long March


During the Long March the Red Soldiers lost half of their fight force.Also, the Long March started when the Chinese Communists had to flee.

Nationalists flee to Taiwan/Mao controls Communist China


China set up the Peoples Republic of China.They made Beiging their capital.China formed an alliance with the Sovient Union

Begginning of the Great Leap Forward


Mao wanted to make everyone equal.During the Great Leap Foward there was cannibalism.

End of the relationship/alliance between the Soviet Union and China


China and Soviet Union were both the largest communists states in the world. It lead Moscow to withdraw all Soviet advisers from China.

Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution


According to Mao, only young people were able to help with the "new" revolution.There were many struggle sessions, which were public humiliations. Examples of public humiliation were you were abused until you convesed to what you did.

President Nixon visists China


President Nixon hoped he could improve the relationship between the US and China.China had been fighting with the Sovient Union overthe aims of communism.

Mao dies as does Cultural Revolution


1.5 million people died during the Cultural Revolution.Mao died of a stroke.

Tiananmen Square Massacre


During the Massacre Chinese troops killed and arrested thousands of pro-democracy protesters.Other protesters faught back,attacking the troops.