Japanese struggle in western society


1. War started

Approx. 09/01/1939

japan was involved in the European war and the USA was supplying them by supplying them with oil. Isorku Yamamoto plans an attack on pearl harbor which further succeeded.

pearl harbor bombing


Japan attacked the naval base on pearl harbor on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The main goal was to destroy the pacific fleet

executive order


President FDR authorized the interment of all the Japanese Americans in the USA.

Interment camps


Interment camps were camps the were made for Japanese american people. They held these people there that they thought were a threat to the american people

442nd Regiment


The 442nd was a american army regiment that was segregated between Americans and the Japanese.

Hirabashi v. USA


A large number of the population of Japanese Americans lived in the western coast after the pearl harbor bombing FDR put all of the Japanese Americans into camps to avoid further acts of violence

Kormatsu v. USA


Because of Order 9066 Kormatsu Refused to to leave his home when asked.

Interment camps ended


Official apology to the Japanese