Holocaust Timeline


Hitler's Rise to Power


After Germany's economy was in ruins, a man named Adolf Hitler formed the Nazi party, also known as the National German Socialist Worker's Party. Hitler's promise of bringing prosperity won him Germany's trust and he rose to fame in 1919.

Dachau Established

March 1933

Dachau was Germany's first concentration camp. Hitler told his citizens that it would be used to hold political prisoners, but his true intentions were revealed when he began to hold Jews in there as well.

Nuremberg Laws Are Passed

September 1935

The Nazi party passed the Nuremberg Laws, a set of laws that severely limited the freedom of Jews in Germany. These laws deprived Jews of German citizenship, it restricted them from showing Germany's flag and more. Many Jews fled, but unfortunately, it was too late for many of them

Kristallnacht, Night of the Broken Glass

November 1938

On this night, Nazi troopers destroyed synagogues, Jewish-owned businesses, and Jewish homes. This happened all throughout Germany and Austria. It gets its name because there was lots of broken glass on the floor as a result from smashing windows.

WW2 Begins

September 1939

After Germany invaded Poland, England and France were very upset. They called for Germany to withdraw their troops, and when Germany didn't respond, the 2 countres declared war.

Auschwitz Establised

May 1940

In Poland, Germany built their largest camp of the War. Its purpose was to hold Nazi enemies. The prisoners would be used for slave labor or be killed. It is considered Germany's most notorious camp.

Hitler Begins to Deport Jews from Germany


Starting in 1941, Hitler shipped many Jews to camps or ghettos by train. Many Jews died on the way there because of the lack of food and the spread of disease on the cramped trains.

The Wannsee Conference is Held

January 1942

This conference was held by SS leaders to discuss what would be the "Final Solution" for the Jews. The plan was now to exterminate all Jews in Europe.

Chelmno is Made


This was the first death camp of the Holocaust. In Poland, Jews were sent here to take part in slave labor or to be killed. Over 300,000 Jews died here.


June 1944

On D-Day, thousands of western troops landed in Normandy, France. This was the beginning of the Liberation of Europe, and the fall of the Nazi party.

The Nuremberg Trials

1945 - 1946

These series of trials were held to prosecute high ranking German officials who were responsible for the Holocaust. Hitler did not attend, as he killed himself when the war was coming to a close. 12 officials were sentenced to death

V-E Day

May 1945

V-E Day stands for "Victory in Europe Day" This is the day that the Germans surrendered and WW2 ended. The exact date was May 7th, 1945