High School Life In-N'-Out of School


Marching Band

May 2010

First and probably last time being in drumline, carrying a 30-lb bass drum and tip-toeing quick movements across the entire field for a ten-minute drill countless times.

First school dance! Homecoming Dance

October 2011

Horrified by what I saw O__O

First Part-time Job: Guitar & Piano Instructor

august 2012

Good money!!! Easy money!!! hohoho
But I didn't learn much skills

Singing Contest Award

november 2012

First time winning something after participating in so many singing competitions. Confidence was finally boosted and re-established after much failure and disappointment.

In a Band

February 23, 2013

For the first time!

Studio Room!

May 2013

First time utilizing a studio room with a band!

Performed at Nightclub!

June 29, 2013

First time being contracted with an agency and being the only minor permitted into the club! But I had to leave after my shift at 10:00pm because too much alcohol was present in the latter night.

Emceed with NBC reporter Janelle Wang!

August 2013

Second time emceeing, first time emceeing in front of hundreds of people, if not thousands! Went through so much training and nervousness XD My script was longer than my senior research paper, but thank God my brain was spacious enough to memorize them!:)


October 2013

After permit expired = 4 written tests and 2 driving tests

Second Part-time Job: McDonald's

November 2013

Finally had my big, fat paycheck! It was so exhausting during senior year, but I was glad that I got along very well with my co-workers and customers:)

Started Mixing Live Audio Sounds/ Recording

November 2013

I've learned so much that it has changed the way I perceive music.

2nd Place at Singing Contest again!

December 2013

YAY! :-)

First ticket :-(

December 2013

The police officer insisted that I made a U-turn at a red light though I had no doubt that when I turned the light was yellow.

Third Part-Time Job: Tutoring

December 2013


Traffic Oourt-------VICTORIOUS!

March 2014

Went to traffic court for 3 times and I refused to accept fine or traffic school because I believed that I did not violate the law. On the trial day, the police officer did not show up, so I automatically won the case. The ticket I got originally did not affect my driving record in any negative way!:)


April 20, 2014

3rd Time Getting 2nd Place at Singing Contest

May 17, 2014

then I started to wonder...when will I get 1st? Or I wasn't made for singing hehe

High School Has Been Great

June 2014

Looking back at those four years, I'm grateful that I've grown so much and met so many wonderful people. Can't wait to see what will happen later in life :)