Karinna's Timeline

Achievements and failures


When I was born

October 28, 1999

I was born on this day! :)

Being a sister

January 12, 2005

I became a sister to a very annoying boy, but I still love him! and.... on March 17, 2006 my sister came along! <3

On to Mexico!!!!

June 17, 2006

I went to Mexico for the first time, my relatives were scary at first but you get used to it..



Took my first big test in 3rd grade, i was scared that I wasn't smart enough to pass it! But I did... CAUSE ALL I DO IS WIN! WIN! WIN! NO MATTER WHAT!

Reading them chapters!

April 28, 2008

I had finished reading a very big chapter book and I was excited because I was like 6!!!

Eww burnt pancakes...


I was 10.. I wanted to make a pancake... let's just say I wasn't allowed in the kitchen until just recently... in 2014

Maid of Honor!!!


My cousin was getting married, She wanted me to be maid of honor... I fell.



I was excited! My first marching band contest! YAY!

I've fallen and i can't get up!


I fell during a halftime marching show.. i was mortified... but i got up and continued with the show!

Good bye middle school! .. Hey there, highschool


Graduating middle school.. still hasn't happend yet but.. I'm on my way!