Causes of the Civil War


The Judiciary Acts


The Supreme Court looked at the Judiciary Acts and said they were unconstitutional. It allowed Supreme Court to rule over ALL, if it's right or if it's wrong.

The Whiskey Rebellion


The farmers were upset because attack on Whiskey. Hurting the people that manufacture it. Alexander Hamilton pushed for it.

Jay's Treaty


Britain had the right to seize treaties for French ports. Agreed to trade their trading marks.

The Battle of Fallen Timbers

August 20, 1794

Expanding westward running into Indians. Indians didn't want Americans to move into westward lands. The Treaty of Greenville- signed and put to rest the Indians suffering

The Treaty of Greenville

August 3, 1795

Signed and put to rest the Indians suffering

Pinckney's Treaty

October 27, 1795

Deposit goods in New Orleans. US giving the right to navigate the Mississippi River. Helped southern economy.

Convention of 1800


US gave up claims for damage on American shipping against France. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams; Thomas a Republican and John the Federalist. Have equal the first peace of transferrd power.

The Louisiana Purchase


Between France and America; Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon. It was an agreement or payoff for America to buy land from France.

The War of 1812

June 18, 1812

War Hawks wanted war to happen and Peace Doves tried to keep the peace. The ward started because of impressment and Native Americans were given guns.

The Treaty of Ghent

December 24, 1814

A pony express took two months to get to the battle of New Orleans. General Andrew Jackson led the battle. One word came from this battle: Nullification.