Russian Revolution


Rasputin Assassinted

December 29 1916


March 1917

People begin to up rise for the new style of government after the royle family death

Treart of Brest

March 3 1917

Litovsk signed between Bolshevik government of Russia and central power. The treaty was written soviet government for the future of German and Autrian.

Petrograd Soviet Founded

March 12, 1917

Czar Nicholasll Abdicate

March 15 1917

Lenin sent Gormansito Russia

April 1917

Bolshevik Revolution

November 7 1917

Russian civil war

1918 - 1921

Communist Control Russia


The provisional government was taken over by the Bolshevik they was power over Russia. Which began the communistic government style.

Romanov Family dead

July 17 1918