The Life and Times of Louis Zamperini

Louis Zamperini

Events that happened to Louis directly or indirectly

Louis' Birthday

January 26, 1917

Louis and his family move to Torrance, California


Louis Zamperini sets world record


Louis broke the world record for fastest mile run by any highschooler. His time was 04:21.2

Louis Graduates High School

December 1935

Olympic Heats

August 4, 1936

Louis Zamperini was in the third heat, and got fifth.

Olympic Finals

August 7, 1936

Louis got eight place here. His last lap clocked at 56 seconds, catching the attention of Adolf Hitler. Louis shook hands with him after the race, and was told, "Ah, you're the boy with the fast finish".

Louis graduates from Midland Army Flying School

August 1942

Also commissioned as a second lieutenant.

Louis, Phil, and the rest of the crew depart on a search mission

May 27, 1943

Flying the B-24 "Green Hornet", two engines fail and the plane crashes into the Pacific ocean. Louis, Phil, and Francis (Mac) survive.

Louie and Phil reach land and are captured by the Japanese

Approx. July 13, 1943

date estimated based off of information provided in the book

Louie and the other POWs were liberated from Naoetsu

September 5, 1945

Louie Marries Cynthia Applewhite

May 25, 1946

Zamperini runs a leg of the torch run at the Nagano, Japan 1998 Winter Olympics

January 1998

Cynthia Zamperini passes away

February 21, 2001

She had been diagnosed with cancer.

Mutsuhiro Watanabe Dies

April 2003

Pete passes away

May 15, 2008

He was 92 years old, and had melanoma

Zamperini earns the Kappa Sigma Golden Heart Award

July 27, 2011 - July 31, 2011

World Events

Events indirectly related to Louis Zamperini

World War II Begins

September 1, 1939

Nazi Germany invades Poland.

World War II Ends

September 2 1945

The Empire of Japan surrenders, ending World War II