Science Timeline

Shashanka Gowdar Hour 2


James Hutton


He is known as the father of Geology. His intricate sketches of observations of nature helped him form his famous theories. He recognized that mountains take millions of years to form and the world can is still "dynamic" and can be changed.

Alfred Wegener


Alfred came up with the conclusion that the earth's continents were all connected as one in a landmass called Pangea. He received his inspiration from the ice floors splitting apart during his Expedition in Greenland. He believed that the continents gradually spread out over time.

Allan Cox and Brent Dalrymple


Their scientific studies also made a huge impact on the theory of plate tectonics. They concluded that their were 9 Geomagnetic Reversals during the last 4 million years. They came up with the idea of Geomagnetic Reversal, when earth's magnetic field slips itself from North to South or vice versa.

Harry Hess


Harry Hess made massive contributions to the advancement in the science of Plate Tectonics. His theory of seafloor spreading helped explain the then widely-criticized idea of the continental drift. He explained that seafloor spreading was when underwater mountains created new seafloor as new rocks were formed underneath.

Frederick Vine and Drummond Mathews


Vine and Mathews were Marine Geologists and studied the rate of seafloor spreading during their careers. Their observations of stripes on the underwater ridges correlated with the times of the Geomagnetic Reversals.

Glomar Challenger


The Glomar Challenger was a deep sea research ship that drilled holes in the rocks on both sides of the Atlantic Ridge. The information obtained by the vessel help conclude the idea that the farther away seafloor was from the ridge, the older it was.