Edwards V Foreign Policy

Edwards foreign policy

Counties Henry's Policies


Somerset contiues Henry's foreign polices- the rough wooing of Scotland. Henry II becomes King of France.

Capture of Mary Queen of Scots


6000 French troops land in Scotland and take over forts, including English forts and establish their own forts. The French remove Mary Queen of Scots- to France where she will later marry the Dauphin, the heir to the French throne- no longer any chance of an English Scottish marriage.

first Army

August 1548

Somerset, sends an English army to France.

second Army

January 1549

Somerset sent a second army to France.

third Army

July 1549

Somerset sent a third army to France, this sending of three armies to France caused great economical difficulties for England, 2.5 million Somerset spent on the war with France in half the time and money that Henry spent with the war on Scotland.

Henry II declares war on England

August 1549

Henry II declarers war, he was more aggressive: because he had invested in Mary. Boulogne which had been taken in 1546 was offered back to Henry II, however Henry demanded Cialis back. Not all the land in France could be lost, so Somerset fortified Cialis- adding more to the already poor economic situation. The French attacked Boulogne, the English just won.

Removal of forces

September 1549

Somerset removes his English forces from Scotland, as the cost of the war and the failures he has had are seriously damaging his reputation.

Northumberland in power


Northumberland had to fix the problems that had been caused by Somerset, this started with a peace treaty with France and Scotland "the treaty of Boulogne" it was agreed with France that they would receive Boulogne back 4 years ahead and England would only receive half of the compensation agreed in 1546 130000. Northumberland also with drew troops from Scotland.

the treaty of Angers


The terms of the treaty- Edward was betrothed to a French princess, second daughter of Henry II. Charles was upset by this alliance and stopped the cotton trade.



Good diplomatic relations.

Edward dies

July 1553