History of the Internet 11.4

The internet

The inter net is born

October 29, 1969

The internet was the information child of the cold war. When the Soviets launched Sputnik, America fell behind in the space race. This caused America to for the ARPA ,Advanced Research Project Agency.

Internt breaks the 100 computer barrier


it took 8 years for 100 computes to function on one system.

Internet Breaks 1000


After the first 100 computers it took 8 more years to break 1000. Reason for the slow grown was because of the computer size and price bock then.

Why the internet Grew

1987 - 2001

The reason for this boom was form the popularity and the dramatic price drop of the computer to where it could become a household item causing businesses to spur off and form the first search engine

The Fad Begin

1987 - 2001

By this time over 10,000 computer were accessing the internet, later 100,000 in 1989, 1 million in 1992, 10 million in 1996, and 100 million in 2001.

Birth of the WWW

1989 - 1990

During this time the World WIde Web was created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. This Creation Gave way to Modern Day search.

AOL First Search engine

1990 - 2000

America Online or AOL for short was the first ship to help explore the Internet and help find inforamtion.


2001 - Present

After AOL a company called Google would shape how the internet looks today. Google changed how a person searches the web with the development of key words. It revolutionized the ad industry and made its competitors fall inline after, while it created every new way a search engine works and operates.

Sygnifican contribution

THe internet explodes

1991 - 2000

in this brief time period the internte exploded from just one web page in 1991 to 25 million in 2000.



Four web sits were available.



There became 623 web pages



10,000 web pages online



23,000 websites

The Web through 96 to 2000

1996 - 2000

In 96 603,367 web sites were made, 97 had 1,681,868 websites,98 had 3,689,227, 99 had 9,560,491, and 2000 had over 25 million websites to choose from

2000 to today

2000 - Present

To day over 230 million sites exist for people to search and enjoy. Alone in 2008 over 30 million web pages were created.

New and Free 2

February 14, 2005 - Present

You Tube is a huge company that is owned and operated by the Google teem. It has millions of hours of videos. You tube is also where a found a video relating to this topic at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scWj1BMRHUA

New and Free 1

March 2007 - Present

Hulu is a huge industry that lets people stream TV shows and Movies for only Eight bucks a month.