High School Timeline


Shell Shock Studios

September 2010

My friends and I found our video game company, Shell Shock Studios.


November 2010 - December 2013

I work at my mom's business, a party center by the name of SwaRay.

Short Film Festival

April 2011

I star in my brother's short horror film "Spirit", which wins second place in People's Choice and gets resounding screams from the audience.

Another Short Film Festival

April 2012

I star in another horror by Jeff, this one called "Phasmophobia" (it's currently on Youtube). We win People's Choice award.


July 2012

I finish writing a historical fiction novelette called "Crecy".

Driver's License

May 2013

I get my driver's license!

Voyager Dawn

July 2013

My first full-length novel, "Voyager Dawn", is completed.


March 2014

My friends and I set up an intricate spy network to help our nominated contestant rocket his way to the finals in Spoons (formerly "Assassins").

The First Game

March 2014

Shell Shock Studios begins work on its first game, "Wings".

Aeon Complex

April 2014

I finish my first full-length screenplay, a sci-fi epic by the name of "Aeon Complex".

Memorable Electives

Concert Band

August 2011 - June 2012

I join the school's Concert Band, where we win Unanimous Superior at CMEA.

Symphonic Band

August 2012 - June 2013

I rank up to Symphonic Band, where we claim another perfect score at CMEA.


August 2013 - May 2014

I quit band to take up the ancient art of drafting. I quickly become the top student in the class.

Fun Times

LAN Tournament

September 2010

I conquer the Counter Strike: Source competition in the Computer and Technology Club annual LAN party.

Vertical Challenge

April 2012

I attend the Hiller Air Museum Vertical Challenge, a helicopter air show.

Airsoft War

May 2012

I attend my first airsoft event at Sequoia Airsoft Park.

Universal Studios

June 2013

My family and I go to Universal Studios in L.A.

Maker Faire

May 2014

My family and I attend the 2014 Maker's Faire.