Night of Broken Glass

November 9, 1938

In two days, over 250 synagogues were burned, over 7,000 Jewish businesses were trashed and looted, dozens of Jewish people were killed. This became known as Kristallnacht.

Invasion of Poland

Sept. 1, 1939

Nazi Germany invades Poland this act started World War 2. Poland lost many people as a result to this invasion. Allies to Poland France and England declared war 2 days after .

Phony war

September 1939 - April 1940

The 3 powerful nations declared war on Germany but neither one of these fought each other. That's is why it is called the phoney war.

Fall of France

1940 - 1945

Collapse of France was unexpected defeat to the allied forces. Just six weeks after hitlers initial attack.

Battle of Britain


German and England's Air Force take war to the sky. It was the largest sustained bombing campaign to date.this was turning point in war. Gave England hope.

Attack of North Africa


This was a key roll to the overall success for the allied forces. Allied forces army pushed back Germany's best generals army multiple times winning each battle

Invasion of Soviet Union

June 1941

Germany invaded Soviet Union, betraying the treaty they signed with the Soviet Union. This eliminated a communist threat to Germany.

Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941

Surprise attack by the Japanese on the United States.many people died and this act made the United States enter the war.

Final Solution

January 20, 1942

Hitler gave a speech on his final solution to Jews. His race was pure so he had to get rid of the all the Jews, protecting his races purities.

Battle of Midway

June 4 1942 - June 7 1942

6 months after Pearl Harbor. United states defeat Japanese in the most decisive naval battles in ww2