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a trip to the moon

October 4, 1902 - October 5, 1902

temporary continuity is the flow of time

The Nickelodeon era

1905 - 1920

The nickelodeon era was when people were first able to go watch 10 minute films for 5 cents

the rise of hollywood

1920 - 1929

During this time movies were being made nonstop in the Hollywood area. About 800 films were made a year.

The age of the talkies

1930 - 1939

This was the time when people actually talked in movies.

The technological decline

1940 - 1949

In this time there was a decrease in movies due to the fact that technology advancement was decreasing.


1950 - 1959

After the war there was an upbringing of modern jazz and drive-in theaters

Fun, Fashion, and Rock&Roll

1960 - 1969

The movies in this time were based on fun, fashion, and rock and roll. Also during this time was the assassination of Martin Luther King and the death of Marilyn Monroehttps://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSpLV-X2cpaU24jp4dkqkVk4iQUwbwZ7W_Nt7VYNW3wY2YLKo


1970 - 1979

During this time there was the occurrence of the Vietnam war so most movies during this time were based on violence.

Less Classic

1980 - 1989

In this time very few movies became classic but they were introducing high concept films that could be characterized in 25 words or less. They wanted the movies to be easily understandable.

High demand

1990 - 1999

Many stars such as Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey, And Eddie Murphy demanded high publicity and items. They demanded private traveling, personal trainers, and script approval.

Millennium change

2000 - 2014

This was the time where special effects were made greater than ever before.