Untitled timeline


Increase in Oil Prices and Unemployment Rates

1970 - 2014

Prices for oil and unemployment started increasing due to the unstable economy.

Détente continued with the Soviet Union

1974 - 1977

Ford wanted to end the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

Preventing War in the Middle East

August 9, 1974

Ford prevented war with Israel and Egypt by having them accept an interim truce agreement.

Nixon's Pardon

September 8, 1974

Ford granted Nixon freedom of any kind of punishment for his infractions.

Presidential Proclamation 4313

September 16, 1974

Ford established a clemency board to review the records and recommendations for receiving a presidential pardon.

Whip Inflation Now (WIN)

October 8, 1974

Ford founded WIN to decrease unemployment and government spending.

Tax Inversion Act of 1975

March 29, 1975

Provided 10% rebate on 1974 tax liability. The act created a temporary $30 general tax credit for each taxpayer and dependent.

Collapse of Cambodia and South Vietnam

April 30, 1975

Ford wanted to maintain U.S. power and prestige after their allies, Cambodia and South Vietnam, were taken over by Communists.

Presidential Proclamation 4383

August 26, 1975

All men and women are equal above the law.