Life of Muhammad Ali



January 17, 1942

age 72
Born as Cassius Clay

He was found out by police officer.

14 Mar 1954

A police officer practiced boxing with him everyday.

Muhammad Ali wins the gold medal in Summer Olympics

14 Mar 1960

Muhammad Ali wins the first pro match

29 Oct 1960

Muhammad Ali wins the first pro match after 6 rounds of fighting against Tunney Hunsaker

Cassius Clay changes his name to Muhammad Ali

1 Jan 1964

Muhammad Ali defeats Sony Liston in Heavyweight title

25 Feb 1964

This match was held in Miami Beach,Florida

Muhammad Ali gets married to Sonji Roi

14 Aug 1964

Sonji Roi could not stand Muhammad Ali

Divorces with Sonji Roi

10 Jan 1966

Sonji Roi could not stand Muhammad Ali anymore.

Muhammad Ali refuses to go to US Army

28 Apr 1967

Muhammad Ali marries Belinda Boyd

17 Aug 1967

She was the only real Muslim wife of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali returns to boxing to fight Jerry Quarry

14 Oct 1970

For awhile, Jerry Quarry was Muhammad Ali's rival.

"The Fight of the Century" Joe Frazier vs Muhammad Ali

8 Mar 1971

Muhammad Ali defeats Joe Frazier at their second match

28 Jan 1974

Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman

30 Oct 1974

Third match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier

11 Oct 1975

Muhammad Ali marries Veronica Porsche

19 Jun 1977

His third wife

Muhammad Ali loses heavyweight title to Leon Spinks

15 Feb 1978

Muhammad Ali reclaims heavyweight title from Leon Spinks

15 Sep 1978


Muhammad Ali announced retirement

27 Jun 1979

He retires from boxing

Muhammad Ali returns from his retirement

14 Oct 1980

However, he loses as TKO by Larry Holmes and Trevor Berbick and retires permanently.

Muhammad Ali is diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease

14 Mar 1984

Parkinson's disease: disorder of the central nervous system

Muhammad Ali lights the flame at the 1996 Summer Olympics opening ceremony

19 Jul 1996