Untitled timeline


Iraq and Sumeria-native copper melted, forged and cast

7986 bc

Turkey-copper artefacts maufactured

7236 bc

Iran-Chisels and spatulas manufactured

3786 bc

Thailand- Bronze used for tools and jewellery

3586 bc

Israel-axes, saws and spearheads manufactured from copper

3286 bc

Egypt-metalworkers show how copper can be cast into useful utensils ect

2986 bc

India-copper mining in North West India

2986 bc

Cyprus-copper coins used for tolls

2886 bc

Egypt-copper tubing used for waterworks

2486 bc

Bohemia-copper mining

2386 bc

China-bronze-casting industry

1386 bc

India-copper used to repair image of Buddha

1186 bc

China-copper coinage developed

206 bc

Peru-Incas used copper and bronze for tools

714 ad

Europe-wooden ships covered in copper for protection

1414 ad

North America-use copper to make jewellery

1514 ad

West Indies-copper mining and production of hatchets

1514 ad

Neatherlands-brass pendulum and grears for pendulumclock

1666 ad

Hungary-dissolved copper in spring water for medication

1758 ad

North America-copper mining established by Dutch settlers

1758 ad

Europe-copper rolling mills produced copper sheets

1799 ad

Italy-first battery made using copper and zinc plates

1809 ad

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Neatherlands-first telescope made from brass


Germany-copper wires used in first electromagnetic telegraph


England-first dynamo made using copper disc and wire


USA-80tonnes of copper used in construction of Statue of Liberty


USA-IBM replaces aluminium with copper in its microcircuitry on silicon chips