World History Quater Project


Japan Invades Manchuria

September 1931

WW1 begins in Asia.

Germany Attacks Poland

September 1 1939

Initiated World War II in Europe.

France and Great Britain declare war

September 3 1939

Honoring their guarantee of Poland's borders.

Soviet occupy Poland

September 17 1939

It gave the Soviets opportunity to annex countries north of Poland

Soviets occupy Finland

November 30 1939 - March 12 1940

Initiated the winter war.

German Invasion of Denmark and Norway

April 1940 - June 9 1940

Kept allies occupied allowing a suprise attack; Denmark surrenders on the day of the attack.

France Falls

June 1940

Germany takes Paris and sets up a puppet state in France.

The Batlle of Great Britain

July 10 1940

The Germans, British morale stayed high and the reprieve given to British airfields gave the British Air Force (the RAF) the break it needed.

Battle of Tobruk

April 10 1941

Germans had suffered a serious reverse and the Tobruk garrison had demonstrated that the "blitzkrieg" tactics could be defeated by resolute infantry who held their ground.

The Battle of Leningrad

September 8 1941 - 01/27/1944

The Siege of Leningrad was a long-lasting military operation that resulted from the failure of the German Army Group North to capture Leningrad which is now referred to as Saint Petersburg, in the Eastern theatre of World War II.

Japan attacks Pearl Harbor

December 7 1941

America then became an active participant in World War II, and openly supported allied forces.

Japan attacks the Phillipines

December 8 1941

The defending forces outnumbered the Japanese invaders by 3 to 2, but were a mixed force of non-combat experienced regular, national guard, constabulary, and newly created Commonwealth units; the Japanese used their best first-line troops at the outset of the campaign.

Battle of Wake Island

December 23 1941

The battle was for a small island in Central Pacific with the Marines and civilians of the island defending against invaders from Japan.

Battle of the Coral Sea

May 4 1942 - May 8 1942

The battle of coral sea was very important in the way that it improved the ways of having aviation fuel, better destroying control procedures were put up by the Americans, co-operation of the Allied land air forces and U.Shey, it helped them learn from their mistakes to improve on the carrier tactics, instruments, tactics of fighting, and strategies of defence.

The Battle Of Midway

June 7 1942

Turned the tide of war in the Pacific

Battle for Stalingrad

August 23 1942

The battle of Stalingrad was important as it finally stopped German progression across Russia.


June 6 1944

It was the beginning of the Allied invasion of Europe

Battle of Leyte Gulf

October 1944

The US defeated the majority of the Japanese fleet and cut off the Japanese supply lines.

Battle of Bulge

December 16 1944 - 01/25/1945

A last ditch effort by Hitler to divide the Allies in two in their drive towards Germany and demolish their ability to provide for themselves.

Japan Surrenders

September 2 1945

Brought the hostilities of World War II to a close.