Israel's Journey


Israelites in Egypt

1850 BC - 1450 BC

Israelites are in Egypt for approximately 400 years. Exodus 12:40 (This reference states 430 years.)

Plagues & Passover

1450 BC

Egypt struck with 10 different plagues, with the 10th culminating in Passover, which killed the firstborn of everyone who was not "covered by the blood." Exodus 7-12

The Exodus

1450 B.C.

Exodus 12:31; Exodus 14

Tabernacle completed

1449 BC

Exodus 40:1-2 The tabernacle is completed on the 1st day of the 1st month.



1850 BC - 1449 BC

Exodus 1 explains what happened to the Israelites since Genesis has concluded. Exodus 2-20 shares more information on Moses' life and ends with the giving of the 10 commandments on Mt. Sinai. More laws are given and in Exodus 25 the Lord gives instructions for the Tabernacle which is completed by the last chapter of Exodus.


1449 BC

Leviticus 1 tells us that the Tent of Meeting has been built by the time that the events of Leviticus are revealed.