Pre WWII timeline Scheetz Period 1


5 year plans beginning in USSR

1928 - 1932

USSR begins to try and catch up with the rest of the world and industrialize militarily. No true affect on war, but helps USSR get ready for war if necessary.
1 on scale

Kellogg Briand Pact


made aggressive war illegal.
0-1 on scale

Great Depression

1929 - 1932

Starts in US then by 1931-2 hits global Scale
goes from 1.5 to about 2.5 on scale pushing towards war

Manchurian Crisis (Mukden Incident)

1931 - 1932

Japan has Railroads in Manchuria. Japanese frame the Chinese for bombing the manchurian railroads --> allows them to fight in Manchuria and take control
3 on the scale of leading towards war

Geneva Disarmament Conference

1932 - 1934

More pushing towards peace, disarming nations and restricting military build up.
0-1 scale on pushing towards war

Hitler Becomes Chancellor


Very influential towards war - 4 on scale

Stalin's Purging of His own People

1934 - 1940

More effect on Cold War because it gives people a certain mindset of how they view Stalin, but no great effect on leading to WWII.
1 on the scale

Spanish Civil War

1935 - 1939

caused rift in western Europe. If fascism had been established in Madrid, France would be done.
3 on scale towards war

Stress Front


Italy makes nonaggression treaty with West and agree to oppose German changes to Versailles Treaty
1 on scale leading towards war

1st US neutrality Act


.75 on the scale of heading towards war

Building of Maginot Line

1935 - 1940

France drew a direct line that if crossed, they would enter war.
2 on the scale

Mussolini Invades Abyssinia

1935 - 1936

No one really wants Abyssinia, but it does show that western powers won't react to expansion.
about a 1 on the scale leading towards war

Anti Comintern Pact


The Comintern is a global organization. No one is really against it, it has little effect on the western powers.
1-1.5 on the scale leading towards war

Reoccupation of the Rhineland


Germany retakes the Rhineland
about a 2 on scale leading towards war

Hossbach Memorandum


Hitler's summary of war strategy and how he wanted to go about the war.
3 on the scale leading to war

Rape of Nanking

1937 - 1938

It shows humanitarian violations and the west doesn't respond, but doesn't have much effect leading to war.
1 on the scale

Marco Polo Bridge Incident


One of leading factors in Second Sino- Japanese War
initiated eastern influence in WWII
2 on the scale

Munich Conference


Hitler sees this as a greenlight to expand into Eastern Europe and allows him more territory and resources.
4.5 on the scale leading towards war

German Invasion of Poland


Britain and France declare War on Germany. Starts war in Europe.
4 on the scale

Molotov Ribbentrop Pact


soviet non aggression pact; gives Hitler reassurance that he won't have to fight a two front war.
2.5 on scale leading to war

Bombing of Pearl Harbor


Gave FDR and US public legitimate reason to go to war. The war was already imminent, so i'm not sure how to rank it as leading to war, but 2.5