Anne Frank

Anne Frank


June 12, 1929

Annaliese Marie Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany.

Life Began to Go Bad


Adolf Hitler became the Chancellor of the Nazis. The Jews started to get terrorized, and the Franks had to move to Amsterdam.

The Diary

June 12, 1942

Anne receives her diary for her 13th birthday.

The Secret Annexe

July 6, 1942

The Franks go into hiding.


August 4, 1944

The Annexe is betrayed and all the families in hiding are turned in to the Nazis.


October 1944

Anne and Margot are sent to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

Mother Dies

October 1944

Edith Frank dies at Auschwitz.


March 1945

Anne and Margot die at the camp.