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First evidence of magnifying glass

424 BC - 423 BC

The first evidence of a magnifying device is provided in a comedy play entitled 'The Clouds', during which a magnifying lens is used to set wood on fire.

Romans study glass

1 AD - 100 AD

Romans studied glass during the first century AD.

Egyptians discover obsidian magnifying crystal

1 AD - 100 AD

During the first century, the Egyptians discovered an almost clear crystal called obsidian which they used to view small objects.

Arab scientist researches magnifying glass

965 AD - 1040 AD

Arab scientist Alhazen (born 965 AD) researches magnifying glasses.

Properties of magnifying glass described

1214 AD - 1294 AD

During the thirteenth century, the properties of a magnifying glass are described by Roger Bacon.

Development of magnifying glasses continues

1300 - 1500

Hand-held magnifying glasses produced using glass lenses and metal and wooden frames.

Current magnifying glasses

1800 - 2014

Today, magnifying glasses continue to be produced by numerous manufacturers for numerous purposes.