Cold War timeline


Mussolini takes power in Italy

February 1909

Hitler takes power in Germany

september 1919

Stalin takes power in Soviet Union


Manchuria, China seized by Japan

September 1931

FDR elected president

March 1933

German Invasion of Poland

October 1939

France Surrenders to Germany

June 1940

US. declares war on Japan

December 1941

Attack on Pearl Harbor

December 1941

Germans surrender at Stalingrad

august 1942

Battle of the Bulge

December 1944

Battle of Iwo Jima

February 1945

Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

August 1945

United Nations Founded

October 1945

Alan Freed Introduces radio audience to rythm...

December 1945

Albania and others controlled by soviets

February 1948

OAS Founded

April 1948

Israel Established in Middle East

May 1948

Berlin Airlift

June 1948

Executive Order 9066

February 1949

NATO created

April 1949

Soviets test atomic bomb

August 1949

East Germnay establishd by Soviets

October 1949

China becomes Communist

October 1949

U2 spy plane incident

May 1950

Korean War ends

June 1950

North Korea Invades South Korea

June 25 1950

Mcarthy Influence ends

April 1954

Guatemala Government Overturned with CIA

June 1954

John Stalks creates Polio Vaccine

April 12 1955


June 1956

Suez Crisis

July 1956

Sputnik launched by Soviets

Oct 4 1957

Rosenbergs Executed

June 1983

Hollywood 10 refuse to answer HUAC questions

October 1987