Banking Timeline


No Banks in America

1700 - 1791

All Transactions were handled by The Bank of England until Alexander Hamilton created the first national bank.

Bank Renewal

1811 - 1816

The charter for the second bank of America was refused by president Hamilton.


Paper Money

1690 - 04/29/2014

Franklin begins to experiment with prining money, and to this day we use it.


1776 - 1811

After the revolution the bank was created to deal with debt garnered by the war.


"Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it."

1819 - 1920

Never really over, but banks spread themselves too thin, and suffer for it.

Great Depression

1929 - 1939

No specific end date, but was the longest time of povety this country has seen.

Global Events

World War One

1914 - 1918

After the war Economy boomed along with the formation of a middle class.

World War Two

1939 - 1945

Another economic boom. Growth by 75%, and 13 billion dollars loaned out by U.S.

Vietnam War

1955 - 1975

Long war that cost a lot, and had very negative effects on the superpower of America.