Timeline Project


Prince Henry the Navigator

March 4,1394 - November 13,1460

Prince Henry was a portuguese royal.He was also a patron of exploring.

The Spanish Empire

1492 - 1892

It expanded through most of South America,The Caribbean and Mexico.They defeated the Incas,Aztecs and the Mayans.

English Empire

1497 - 1994

The Portuguese Empire

1505 - 1961

Biggest Empire since the Roman Empire.

Cortez Conquers the Aztecs


Cortez conquered the Aztecs for Spain. Cortez was sent by Spain with only 200 conquistadors to conquer the Aztecs. The conquistadors that first when to South America with Cortez became very wealthy.

Pizarro conquers the Incas

November 1532

The conquest of the Incas was important because it led to the colonization of South America.The capital of the Incan empire was located in Peru.Francisco Pizarro was Hernand Cortez's cousin.

The Steam Engine


It ran on coal,water and wood.It has specialized tools such as the Steam Hammers and Steam Piledrivers.

Toussaint L'Overture

1713 - 1803

Toussaint L'Overture was an independence leader in Haiti.

Life of Miguel Hidalgo

May 8,1753 - July 30,1811

He fought in the Mexican War of Independence.He fought to get independence from Spain.He was a priest.

Simon Bolivar

July 4,1783 - December 17,1803

Simon Bolivar was a military and political leader.He played an important role in the South American War for Independence.

Aborigines immigrant to Australia


Aborigines are the indigenous people of Australia.The British Empire colonized Australia in 1788.The Aborigines imigrated from Asia.

First Photograph


Thomas Edison invented the First Photography.Thomas Edison invented many inventions but his favorite was Photography.

British penal colony in Australia

1842 - 1849

A penal colony is a colony just for prisoners.The British Empire used Australia as a penal colony.

Creation of Gasoline


Gasoline was not invented.It is a natural by-product of petroleum.The first gas pump was invented in 1885 and is still being used.

Invention of the Telephone

March 10,1876

Alexander Graham Bell invented the first Telephone.It was patented by him three days before he manufactured it.

Invention of the Light Bulb


Thomas Edison was not the first to invent the lightbulb.He was the first to patent it and make it affordable.

The Eiffel Tower


It is located in Champ de Mars in Paris France.It was built in Europe.

Bayer Aspirin


Acetylsalicylic acid, the active ingredient in Aspirin,was synthesized for the first time in 1897 by a young Bayer chemist, Dr. Felix Hoffmann and his team, in a chemically pure and stable form. Two years later, acetylsalicylic acid was launched in Germany under the brand name Aspirin.

First Flight

December 17,1903

The first flight was flown by the Wright Brothers.It was twelve seconds long.It flew 120 feet.It took place in Kitty Hawk,North Carolina.

Ford Model T

October 1,1908 - May 27,1927

Henry Ford invented the Assembly Line.Between 1909 and 1927 the Ford Motor Company built more than 15,000,000 Model T cars.


1914 - 1918

Started as a result the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.Lasted four years.As soon as war was declared countries ready for war rallied their troops.

Russian Revolution

1917 - 1923

Czar Nickolas 2nd was the russian czar during the russian revolution.Czar Nickolas 2nd died on July 17,1962.


1917 - 1991

The USSR stands for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.It was a former communist country in eastern Europe and northern Asia.It was dissolved on December 31,1991.

Rise of the Nazi Party

1918 - 1932

It started as a gang but then soon led to a legal government of Germany.Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party.

The Treaty of Versailles

June 28,1919

The Treaty of Versailles officially ended World War 1.It was signed between the US and Germany.Some people say it was so harsh on Germany that it caused World War 2.

Joseph Stalin leads Russia

1924 - 1953

Stalin was the leader of Russia during WW2 and until he died in 1953.

Chernobyl Disaster

April 26,1926

The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster happened in Chernobyl Ukraine.The cause of the Chernobyl Disaster was when a Nuclear power plant exploded in Chernobyl Ukraine.

The Great Depression

October 29,1929 - 1939

The Great Depression was a severe economic depression.It happened ten years after World War II.The day it started is commonly known as ''Black Friday''

The Holocaust

January 30,1933 - May 8,1945

The Holocaust began when Hitler took control of Germany in 1933.The Holocaust ended when WW2 ended on May 8.1945{VE Day}.During The Holocaust over 11 million men,women and children were killed.


1939 - 1945

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the president during WW2.80% of soviet males that were born in 1923 didn't survive WW2.

Cold War

1945 - 1991

The cold war was between the two main world superpowers at the time:The Soviet Union and the United States.The cold war was a nuclear arms race.

Cuban Revolution

July 6,1953 - January 1,1959

15,000 people died during the Cuban Revolution.As a result the US put an embargo on Cuba to stop all trade.

Vietnam War

December 1956 - April 30,1975

The war was between North Vietnam and the US.The war was fought to stop the spread of communism in southeast Asia.

Berlin Wall

1961 - 1989

Berlin Wall was built in 1961 and fell in 1989.The Berlin Wall divided free West Berlin and Communist East Berlin.The purpose of the Berlin Wall was to separate West Berlin and East Berlin.

Cuban Missile Crisis

October 14,1962

John F. Kennedy was the US president during the Cuban Missile Crisis.Ended October 28,1962.

The European Union

November 1,1993

Purpose is increase trade by disposing of all trade barriers between participating European countries.There were only six main countries when it began now there are twenty eight countries.


January 1,1994

NAFTA is the North American Free Trade Agreement.It takes place between USA,Mexico and Canada.Its purpose is to increase economic activity between the participating countries.

Zapatista Movement

1994 - 2005

The Zapatistas fought for rights for their people.The Zapatistas is short for the Zapatista Army of National Liberation.