---------Invasion of the American Branch plants

july 1948 - 1970

---Louis St. Laurent- Canadian Prime Minister

nov 15 1948 - June 21 1957

Louis St. Laurent was the 12th Prime Minister of Canada. He was a Liberal with a strong base in the Catholic francophone community. His foreign policy initiatives transformed from a isolationism with little role in world affairs to and active "middle power".

The credit card invented- Ralph Schneider


Disney's 'Cinderella' is released


Construction began on the Trans-Canada Highway

1950 - 1970

Construction, on the longest national highway, began on the Trans- Canada Highway began in 1950.
The highway officially opeaned in 1962,and was completed in 1971.
The highway stretches from St. John's, Newfoundland, to Victoria, British Columbia.

Inuit Canadians rights recongized and forcibly relocated.

jan 1 1950

Massey Report


The First Peanuts Cartoon Strip

Oct 2 1950

The first Peanuts comip strip, written by Charles M. chuls, appeared in seven newspapers on October 2, 1950.

CBC's Television first broadcast

sep 6 1952

construction began on Canada's first suburb


Black box- David Warren


Flight Recorder

Avro Arrow project.

1954 - Feb 28 1959

The Avro Arrow was a military fighter jet designed and manufactured by Avro Canada in the mid 1950s. The Arrow was among the first military jets to break the sound barrier and pioneered several new technologies.

Construction began on the St, Lawrence Seaway

10 August 1954

Construction began on the St, Lawrence Seaway on 10 August 1954. In addition to the building of the 7 locks and deepening navigation channels to a depth of 8.2m, the projectalso included the construction of the 2090 megawatt Moses- Saunders Powerhouse near Cornwall Ontario.

James Dean stars in 'Rebel Without a Cause'


Elvis' first album, 'Elvis Presley', is released


In the mid-1950s Elvis Presley became the leading figure of the newly popular sound of rock and roll.

TransCanada pipeline scandal breaks.

feb 1956

Federal election

10 Jun 1957

Canadian federal election, 1957, Used to select the 265 Members of Parliment and was also the end of 22 years of Liberal ruling

John Diefenbaker - Canadian Prime Minister

june 21 1957 - april 22 1963

John Diefenbaker was the 13th Prime Minister of Canada. He lead the Conservative party to and election victory three times.

Broadcasting Act, results in regulatory power being taken away from CBC


Barbie invented


The Microchip- Jack Kilby & Robert Noyce


The St. Lawrence Seaway opened to commercial navigation.

25 april 1959

The St. Lawrence Seaway is a major transportation route which links the Atlantic Ocean with the Great Lakes, opening the heart of the continent to large ocean going ships.
A complex system of locks, dams, canals, and channels.