DNA major discoveries


Griffith publishes his findings of the transforming factor of bacteria


Avery presents his discoveries about DNA

April 1943

Avery publishes his findings of DNA as the transforming factor of bacteria

May 1944

Chargaff publishes his findings about the regularities of the nucleic acid bases


Pauling publishes his discoveries of the alpha helix

April 1951

Rosalind Franklin takes x-ray diffraction photo 51

May 1952

Hershey and Chase confirm DNA as the genetic material

September 1952

Pauling proposes his structure of DNA as a triple helix

November 1952

Wilkins shows Watson photo 51

January 1953

Watson and Crick discover the correct double helix structure of DNA

February 1953

Meselson and Stahl confirm semiconservative replication of DNA