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(what she wrote when and what was going on)

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Selected Poems or Poems 1969-1974


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Contextual Events

First Australian troops sent to assist in Vietnam War


(30 Military Advisors sent to assist with training RVN Army)

Aboriginals granted voting rights in Federal Elections


Commonwealth Electoral Act amendment

Channel Nine Founded as national television network


Prime Minister Robert Menzies


COMPAC international telephone connection opened


Australia Day shootings

26 Jan 1963

by Eric Edgar Cooke (2 shot dead)

The Death of Pope John XXIII

11 Jun 1963

First federal election for Aboriginals

23 Nov 1963

Pope Paul VI declares anti-Contraceptive Pill


Pope Paul VI declares Catholic woman should not use the contraceptive pill

Prime Minister John Gorton

10 Jan 1968

John Gorton replaces Harold Holt after his disappearance

NSW introduce the 'Breathalyser'

8 Mar 1968

Death of Martin Luther King

4 Apr 1968

Shot dead at Lorraine Motel, Memphis

Fifty students arrested during an anti-Vietnam War protest

2 Jul 1968

Rod Laver wins in first open Wimbledon

6 Jul 1968

WA Meckering Earthquake

14 Oct 1968

One of the largest recorded in seismic history of Australia with a magnitude of 6.9

Internation Woman's Year


1974 Cabinet approved $2M towards IWY activites with a further $1.3M being approved in 1975

1975 Australian constitutional crisis


also known as "the dismissal" and the greatest political and constitutional crisis in Australian history

Racial Discrimination Act 1975


RDA makes racial discrimination illegal. The offical end of the 'White Australian Policy' +70 years

The term 'Commonwealth' replaced with 'Australian Government'


Prime Minister Gough Whitlam


Removed from office and replaced with Malcolm Fraser

National anthem of 'God Save the Queen' replaced with 'Australian Fair'


Vietnam War Ends

30 Apr 1975

After almost 20 years

Papua New Guinea becomes Independent

16 Sep 1975

Signing of the NARA Treaty

16 Jun 1976

Signed by Australia and Japan to promote amity and trade

Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser


Scientists identify the AID virus


Australia withdraws recognition of the Pol Pot Regime


Townsville International Airport Opens


Australian Foreign Minister resigns

15 Apr 1981

Andrew Peacock resigns from cabinet after accusing PM of disloyalty

Olympic Dam opens


The world's largest uranium deposit

Education Reform Act 1988

1 Jan 1988

Most influential since ERA of 1944

'One Australia Policy' introduced by John Howard

1 Jan 1988

Aboriginies declares opposition to celebrating 'Australia Day'


Protested with land right flags at Lady Macquarie's Point on Sydney Harbour renamed 'Australia Day' 'Invasion Day'

100th Rugby League Test between AUS and UK


Australia defeats Britain 17-6

"Crocodile" Dundee II released


TV soap 'Home and Away' launched on Channel 7

17 Jan 1988

Bicentenary of Australia celebrated

26 Jan 1988

Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the first fleet

Official opening of the Parliament House

10 May 1988

Games of the XXIV Olympiad

17 Sep 1988 - 2 Oct 1988

'1988 Summer Olympics'

Prime Minister Paul Keating


John Howard opposition leader of the Liberal Party

Australian Grand Prix moved from ADL to MEL


Qantas privatised


Okalahoma City Bombing

19 April 1995

A terrorist bomb attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City. The blast claimed 168 lives and injured more than 680 people

Brenda Hodge last person to be sentenced to death in Australia

20 Oct 1995

David Harold Eastman convicted on assassinating AFP

3 Nov 1995

Sentenced to life imprisonment for assassinating Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Colin Winchester

ANZAC Bridge in SYD open to traffic

3 Dec 1995