Islamic histroy

life of Muhammad

birth of Muhanmmad

570 A.D.

lived with grandfather

578 A.D.

Muhammad`s young life was not easy. His father died before he was born and his mother died when he was very young. He lived with his grandfather until he was 8 when his grandfather died. He lied with an uncle after that.

married Khadija

595 A.D

Khadija was a weathy window. They had severel sons and daughters.

first message from God

615 A.D.

at age 40, Muhammad went to a cave on Mount Hira to think. When he was up there he received a message from God. This message was deliverd by the angel Gabriel.

fled from Mecca and the fondling of Islam

622 A.D.

after 10 years of struggle Muhammad and his follower fled Mecca

returned to Mecca

629 A.D

after 7 years away from Mecca Muhammad and a small army of his followers returned to Mecca.

took over Mecca

630 A.D.

death of Muhammad

632 A.D

after Muhammad death his followers had to pike his secseser as leader of Islam.