My Groovy Life Of Muhhamed (pbuh) Timeline

A timeline of muhhameds life

Muhhamads (pbuh) life

Birth of muhhamad

570 AD

When Muhhamad was born

Raised By Grandpa

578 AD

Muhhamads grandpa took him in and raised him

Married Khadjia

595 AD

Muhhamad maried his wife

Muhhamad had a vision of the angel gabriel

610 AD

This vision was very important because this was what the Koran was based off of

Muhhamad fled from Mecca

622 AD

Muhhamad fled from mecca after ten years of struggle

Returned to mecca

629 AD

Muhhamad returned to mecca

Took over Mecca

630 AD

Muhhamad and his band of followers took over mecca

Muhhamad died

632 AD

When Muhhamad died the people were faced with the challenge of finding the new leader of muslam

Important events for Islam