Islam history


Muhammed's Life

Muhammeds (pbuh) Birth

570 A.D.

Year Muhammed is born

Muhammed's (pbuh) Grandfather dies

578 A.D.

Muhammeds grandfather dies when he is eight

Muhammed (pbuh) marries wife

603 A.D.

Muhammed married Khadja

Angel Gabriel appears to Muhammed (pbuh)

618 A.D.

Angel appearsto Muhammed and recites word of god to him

Muhammed (pbuh) flees Mecca

622 A.D.

Muhammed and his followers flee mecca when most people do not except his religion

Muhammed (pbuh) returns to Mecca

629 A.D.

Muhammed and small army return to Mecca.

Muhammed (pbuh) takes over Mecca

630 A.D.

Muhammed and his followers take control of Mecca and bring there religion

Muhammed's (pbuh) death.

632 A.D.

Year Muhammed dies. People struggle to find new leader.

Important islamic events

Islam was founded

622 A.D.

The religion is started

City of Mecca is taken by Muhammed (pbuh)

630 A.D.