The Cold War

timeline of events in the cold war


Yalta Conference

02/4/1945 - 02/11/1945

Meeting between Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin to decide what would happen at the end of the war. topics discussed include
- partitioning of germany
- fate of Poland
- the UN
- german reparations

Potsdam Conference

17 July 1945 - 2 August 1945

formally divided Germany and Austria into four zones of occupation
- the capital of Germany (Berlin) was also divided into four occupation zones
- Russian/ Polish border determined
- Korea to be divided into Soviet and American zones


6 August 1945

U.S drop 1st atomic bomb on Hiroshima in August 1945


8 August 1945

U.S drops 2nd atomic bomb on Nagasaki

V J Day (victory over Japan)

14 August 1945

Japanese surrender and WWII comes to an end

Vietnam Independence

2 September 1945

Ho Chi Minh proclaims Vietnam as independent republic

Churchill's Iron Curtain Speech

5 March 1946

Churchill 'Sinews of Peace' speech - phrase an iron curtain has descended over Europe

Truman Doctrine

12 March 1947
  • policy of pres. Harry S. Truman
  • address to Congress
  • to provide military aid for Greece and Turkey
  • at the same time used to justified aid to any country 'threatened' by communism

Marshall Plan

5 June 1947
  • ERP (European recovery program)
  • American secretary of state George C. Marshall
  • program of econ. aid
  • rejected by Stalin - aid was only given to Western european countries austria, belgium, denmark, france, greece, iceland, italy, luxembourg, the Netherlands, norway, sweden, switzerland, turkey, West Germany
    • recieved more than 12 billion between 1948- 1951

Berlin Blockade

24 June 1948
  • was Russia's response to the creation of West Germany (French, US and UK partitions of Berlin)
  • road and rail links cut to that sector - W Berlin faced starvation
  • food flown in by US and UK - K.A Berlin Airlift

NATO formed

4 April 1949

North Atlantic Treaty Organization
- Belgium, canada, italy,iceland, luxemborg, the netherlands, norway, portugal, the UK, US
- to provide collective secuirty against the soviet union