Brody Peacock



May 8 1995

I was born on May 8 1995



september 1999 - december 1999

I went here for half of the year

Rec Center Pre-School

december 1999 - february 2000

Pre-school at the rec center when it first opened

Airport Elemenary School

september 2000 - july 2002

went here for K-1


First House

May 8 1995 - 2002

I lived in the Folcon trailor park for the first 7 years of my life

Second house

2002 - August 2007

I lived on Torrence road for 5 years

House I am in now

July 2007 - Present

The house on burdyny (I am OK with giving away this information because I doubt you no where it is for 3 years now and live there presently


Interesting Events