Timeline of America's Perspective

America is currently heavily involved with the Middle East for various reasons such as oil and fighting terrorism. Ranging from the US's interest in oil to the support of Israel to the war on terrorism, US is the glue holding all of the events in the Middle East together.


Rejection of Wilson Treaty


US Senate rejected Wilson's treaty for self governing and from this point on, US was only involved in international matters that would benefit them (until WWII)

US involved with Middle East's oil resources


Britain allowed US to participate in the development of the Middle East's oil resources

SOCAL agreement


SOCAL of California came to an agreement with Saudi Arabia and as a result, they were allowed to explore Saudi Arabia for oil

SOCAL discovery


Major discovery of oil led to a boom in oil imports to the US and since then, the control of oil was the center of US foreign policy

Truman Doctrine


Truman announced that 400 million dollar foreign aid will be given to Turkey and Greece to improve relations. Thus the US effectively stepped into British's shoes in the Middle East

Sold military supplies to Israel


This showed US's support of Israel and would lead to further dealings of supplies.

Supported Israel in Six Day War


Supported Israel by giving military supplies to help combat the Arab countries

Oil Embargo

1973 - 1974

Saudia Arabia's king initiated oil embargo due to US's support of Israel. US secretary of State, Kissinger, negotiated to end fighting between Israel and Egypt with Syria. Then oil embargo was called off

Camp David Accords


US was a crucial factor in resolving the conflict between Egypt and Israel

Hostage Rescue Failure


US failed to rescue hostages Iran had captured (Operation Eagle Claw) and further increased the support for Khomeini.

Iran-Iraq War

1980 - 1988

During the war, US supported Iraq due to complicated relations with Iran but also give some military supplies to Iran in hope for releasing hostages which partially worked

Suicide bomber in Beirut


Suicide bomber in US Marine barracks in Beirut killing 241

Persian Gulf War

1990 - 1991

US troops with the support of European allies and even the Soviet Union, sent to stop Hussein from taking over Kuwait and was successful. This angered extremists such as Bin Laden as America was viewed as an enemy to Islam (according to extremists)

War in Afghanistan


US sent troops into Afghanistan to fight Al-Qaeda and Taliban as part of the War on terror

9/11 Attacks


Terrorist attacks on 9/11 provoked many changes within US's policies and the people's views of the Middle East. This would lead to further conflicts.

Invaded Iraq


The US viewed Iraq as a threat and invaded it as they had claims of WMDs' which eventually turned out into false information. In the end, it cost 700 billion dollars