Islam history

Muhammed's Life (pbhu)

Muhummad's (pbuh) Birth

570 A.D.

Muhammad was born.

Stoped living with his grampa

578 A.D.

When he was eight years old he stopped living with his grampa.

Got married to Khadija

595 A.D.

When he was 25 he married a wealthy widow named khadija.

Went to cave and had a vison in which the angel Gabriel recited the word of God

610 A.D.

His struggle started

612 A.D.

When he was 42 his struggle began.

Muhammed and his followers left Mecca to go to Medina

622 A.D.

He left Mecca to go to Medina with his followers.

Muhammed's death

632 A.D.

When his great prophit died.