Islam History

Major events in the history of Islam


Birth of Muhammed (pbuh)

570 A.D.

His journey through life started today and little did he know that he would change many lifes on that journey.

Raised by grandfather till age 8

578 A.D.

When his grandfather died he went to live with his uncle were he learned how to work.

Married wealthy widow and had children

595 A.D.

These children were known by many and would have carried his legasy on.

Went to a cave and had a vision from Gabriel

610 A.D.

This was the beginning of his messages from god.

Muhammed (pbuh) fled from Mecca to Medina

622 A.D.

His religion wasn't exepted ans he had to flee from his enimies.

Muhammed (pbuh) and a small army returned to Mecca

629 A.D.

They did this because they wanted their lives back and wanted to spred the religion.

His army took over the city

630 A.D.

Muhammed (pbuh) and his followers made a shrine once they returned.

Muhammed's (pbuh) death

632 A.D.

This created some friction of who to elect their new caliph.

Important dates for Islam