Jonathan Kaufmann


Ferdinand Assassinated

June 28 1914

Francis Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated by members of the black hand sparking the whole war.

Battle of Tannenberg

August 30 1914

The Russian army was decisively defeated while in German territory.

First Battle of Marne

September 6 1914 - September 10 1914

The German Advance was halted a short way from Paris in this battle.

Battle of Masurian Lakes

September 15 1914

The Russians were defeated and were no longer a major threat in the war.

Italians Attack Austria

May 1915

The Italians betray their allies and attack Austria.

Lusitania Struck

May 7 1915

The German forces attacked and sank a British ship that had about 100 Americans aboard.

Attack on Serbia

September 1915

Germany, Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria join forces and attack Serbia effectively eliminating them.


Sept 1915

Airplanes are first used in battle with the pilots flying and shooting pistols at each other.

War on Morale


Morale at home is beginning to crack so countries make new laws to arrest traitor and censor newspapers.

Trench Warfare

1916 - 1917

Millions of men died in the elusive search for a breakthrough during trench warfare.

Battle of Jutland

May 31 1916

This was a naval battle between Germans and British where there was the only direct naval battle took place, and neither side won a conclusive victory.

Germans Restart Sub. Program

January 1917

German military convinces the emperor to restart unrestricted submarine warfare, and the emperor agrees reluctantly.

United States Joins War

April 1917

The United States joined the war because the Germans restarted their unrestricted submarine operations.

United States Troops Arrive


United States troops arrive in large numbers to begin fighting in Europe.

Women are Replaced


650,000 women were fired in place of men who returned home.