HIS 217 Timeline


Philip II

382 BCE - 336 BCE

Alexander the Great

356 BCE - 323 BCE

Philip II Assassinated; Alexander takes throne

336 BCE
  • Darius III ascends to throne


200 BCE - 118 BCE


70 BCE - 30 BCE

Battles and Conflicts

Peloponnesian War

431 BCE - 404 BCE

The Marching Republic

401 BCE

The Ten Thousand

Corinthian War

395 BCE - 387 BCE

Sparta v. Athens (Sparta wins with Persian aid)

The Kings Peace

387 BCE

concludes Corinthian War; establishes Greek autonomy; gives Persia Asia

Battle of Leuktra

371 BCE

Boetian army defeats Sparta; establishes Thebean hegemony

Macedonean Conquest of Amphipolis

357 BCE

critical conquest for Macedoneans; gain territory connecting Philippi and Philippopolis

Battle of Chaeronea

338 BCE

Philip II defeats Athens and Thebes; Marks END OF GREEK INDEPENDENCE

Siege of Byzantium

338 BCE - 336 BCE

Battle of Granicus

334 BCE

Macedonean's easy defeat of satrapal forces in Asia Minor


333 BCE

Gordian knot

Battle of Issus

333 BCE

1st major loss of Darius III

Siege of Tyre

332 BCE

Tyre has geographical significance; Alexander cannot proceed without successfully conquering territories at his back; also, port for Persian fleet

Battle of Gaugamela

331 BCE

Darius III flees; marks end of Persian Empire

End of Alexander's Campaign

325 BCE

Trek back West through Gedrosian Desert

Lamian War

323 BCE - 322 BCE

Athenian attempt to gain independence from Macedonian rule; forced by Antipater to accept oligarchical gov't

Demetrios rids city of Macedon of tyrant Kassander

307 BCE

1st time that Greeks praise a Macedonian as their soter = savior

Battle of Ipsos

301 BCE

Kassander (controlling Greece) + Lysimachos + Seleukos ally themselves against Antigonos, whose death allows Seleukos to control most of Asia Minor

Battle of Corupedium

281 BCE

Seleukos defeats Lysimachos

Pyrrhic War

280 BCE - 275 BCE

series of battles and shifting political alliances among greeks and the Roman Republics, the Italian peoples, and the Carthaginians

First Illyrian War

229 BCE - 228 BCE

Roman Republic v. Ardiaei kingdom

Second Illyrian War

220 BCE - 219 BCE

Roman Republic v. Celts

Battle of Raphia

217 BCE

Ptolemy IV "Philopater" beats Antiochus III of Seleucid Kingdom; Ptolemy IV is the first to receive pharonic honors; first use of war elephants

First Macedonian War

214 BCE - 205 BCE

Philip V versus Aetolian League (Attalus I of Pergamon

Peace of Phoenike

205 BCE

Ends First Macedonian War

Third Illyrian War

168 BCE

Rome v. Illyrian king Gentius

Battle of Actium

31 BCE

Octavian defeats Antony + Cleopatra



380 BCE


360 BCE

author: Xenophon; described The Ten Thousand


346 BCE

Author: Isokrates

League of Corinth

337 BCE

creation of council of Greek states under Philip II (now called Hegemon)

The Siwah Oasis

331 BCE

Alex vists Oracle west of Alexandria; told he is son of God

Antigonos letter to Skepsis

311 BCE

Antigonos (in Asia Minor) declares all Greek cities to be free; self-governing

Final Allignment of Great Powers

280 BCE

Egypt = Ptolemies
Syria = Seleucids
Macedon = Antigonids

First Triumvirate

60 BCE - 54 BCE

Crassus + Julius Caesar + Pompeius Magnus

Second Triumvirate

43 BCE

Octavian, Antony, Lepidus

End of Roman Republic

27 BCE