Social Studies


Roman Republic Is Founded

509 B.C

Democracy Develops In Athens

508 B.C

Peloponnesian War Begins

431 B.C

Athens Surrenders, Ending The Peloponnesian War

404 B.C

Julius Caesar Becomes Dictator For Life, Ending The Republic

44 B.C

The Pax Romana Ends

30 B.C.E - 180 C.E

Jesus Is Born, According To Christian Tradition

1 A.D

Nero Began To Officially Persecute Christians

64 A.D

The Colosseum Is Completed

80 A.D

Diocletian Divided The Empire

285 A.D

Constantine Ended The Persecution Of Christians

313 A.D

Built "New Rome" In Modern Day Turkey

330 A.D

Theodosius Made Christianity The Official Religion Of The Roman Empire

380 A.D

Theodosius Officially Made The Roman Empire Two Separate Empires

395 A.D

Alaric (Goths) Destroyed Rome

410 A.D