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Start Preparation, Crazy Bowling

04/24/2014 - 05/01/2014

Crazy Bowling


Reserve a few lanes at the local bowling alley and have everyone dress in a crazy outfit (choose a theme).
Every couple of frames, make participants do something different (ex. Spin around 5 times) before, after, or during their shots.

Start preparation, Capture the Flag (Laser tag or Paint-ball)

05/09/2014 - 05/22/2014

Capture the Flag (Laser tag or Paint-ball)


The goal is to capture the opposing team’s flag.
1. Use squirt guns filled with colored water to squirt them.
2. Have teams of about 10-15 per side.
3. Everyone must wear white t-shirts.
4. The two sides get different colored water.
5. Play a certain time, usually a pre-determined fifteen minutes with four quarters.
6. As the opposing team approaches your Headquarters (where your flag is located), you squirt them.
7. If your colored water hits their shirt, they must return to their home base.
8. Referees are needed to make sure the game is fair.

Start preparation , A day of Golf

05/30/2014 - 06/12/2014

Thematic Golf


Golf with a theme, make contests such as:
1. Longest or shortest drive
2. Most whiffs (completely missing the ball)
3. Most ridiculous (authentic) golf outfit

Start Preparation, Sports Carnival

06/15/2014 - 06/26/2014

Sports Carnival


A three day event shall be in place.
1st day - Cup of Nations kick-off
2nd day - Biking event
3rd day - Cup of Nations (Semi finals and finals)